Hi I'm Jai.

15 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a debilitating condition that creates inflammation in the small intestine. 10 years ago I decided to study Chinese Medicine so that I could learn ways to naturally treat myself. 5 years ago I graduated as a Dr of Chinese Medicine and began helping others to take back control of their own health.  Over the last couple of years my passion for exploring human potential and understanding the root cause of illness has taken me to foreign lands, spending time working with indigenous healers, shamans and leaders in the field of advanced energetic healing. This is how I developed a special interest in awakening vitality.  As a specialist in this area I'm a bit like a sherpa guiding you up a foreign mountain, I know the path as I've walked it myself.  You might just make it up there on your own but I'm here to lighten the load, provide some guidance along the path, point out the pitfalls and make it a smoother, quicker and safer journey.  

When people work with me we first spend time taking a detailed history and getting to know all about your physical, mental and spiritual health. We want to establish exactly how your unique vehicle functions and what might be blocking you from reaching your full potential.  From there we may use a combination of advanced energetic healing techniques, meditation/breathwork and or dietary/lifestyle recommendations amongst other things. The 3 key outcomes to working with me are increased vitality, enhanced clarity, and a greater understanding of yourself.  Because ultimately what I'm really passionate about is helping you to become the greatest version of yourself so that you can live a life of purpose, passion and fulfillment.