Are you ready to transform your health from the inside out? 

To cure disease is like waiting until one is thirsty before digging a well.
— Li ShiZhen

Ever gotten rid of health problem only to have it stubbornly return time and time again? The quick fix or "magic pill" certainly has its appeal.  

The problem is when we rely on a symptom based approach to treatment we often fall behind the eight ball when it comes to health management and are forever playing catchup.

I emphasise holistic therapies that are rooted in a wellness based approach.  Using this  method you become empowered to take back control of your own health and learn ways to prevent health problems from reoccurring.  

We still target and treat your your main symptoms but we also address the underlying causes and influences you may not be fully aware of.  Below is a list of some of the main modalities I work with. A session with me may involve some or all of the modalities mentioned.  This is dependent of what best serves you at the time of treatment.  

 Massage. Well what's not to love about about a good massage? It can be beneficial for most if not all conditions and gets into certain muscles like nothing else can. I often incorporate aspects of relaxation, remedial, Chinese massage and Japanese Zen Shiatsu into my treatments. I also offer individual sessions for stubborn complaints, general well-being and pampering.  

Chinese medicine  stress relief

Jai is currently taking limited one on one appointments in Melbourne, Australia and online consultations via skype. For a free no obligation 15 minute consultation to discuss your needs just click the button below !