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Hi my name is Jai. I spent a big part of my life battling chronic health problems such as Crohn's disease (inflammatory bowel disease) and depression. I know exactly what its like to have your health radically altered, to be at the whim of doctors, specialists and prescription medications with nasty side effects. I also know what its like to feel alone, hopeless and disempowered due to illness, not knowing what to do or who to turn to when it seems like your body has given up on you.

Through many years of struggle I eventually learnt how to regain my health and what it takes to get there. From becoming a Dr of Chinese Medicine, to spending 10 days in complete silence, to travelling to the mountains of Peru and the churches of Brazil sitting with sacred medicine and ancient wisdom. I've learnt a lot along the way about the human mind, body and spirit. About what can lead you to chronic health problems and what you can do to recover, restore and evolve into the greatest version of yourself you can be.

You see I wasn't prepared to spend my life debillitated and hopeless, feeling like a victim with no control over my own health and wellbeing. I knew there had to be another way. Deep down I was determined to regain control of my health, whatever it took. From spending a long time helping myself to heal and grow my purpose is now to share the knowledge and wisdom I've gained. To help you along this sometimes rocky and confusing road and share with you the tools you need to transform your health and live a limitless life of infinite potential, joy and abundance.

I want you to know that anything in life is possible. That you have all the power you need within you to regain your health and live life on your terms. I also want you to know that this program is not for everyone. Real deep healing and transformation involves taking responsibility for exactly where you find yourself right now. Taking ownership of every aspect of yourself and your life and leaving victimhood at the door. Not everyone is at the stage where they are ready to do that.

But if you're really ready to take that next step of transformation, and do the work despite its challenges, know that you will come out the other side as a new you. And I'll be here along the way as your trusty guide up that path of power. You see healing the gut is not just an isolated physical process, it involves exploring the depths of who you are, letting go of what's holding you down and building a new foundation stronger than ever before.

Are you ready for change?

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